My Navy family brought us to Highlands, New Jersey in 2007, where a growing passion for cooking, an extremely supportive community, and the encouragement of my parents culminated into a small business known as “Casey’s Cookies”. Originally just a wicker basket of cookies and a change jar on a storefront countertop, over 3 years Casey’s Cookies would grow to sell cookies at 4 different stores, the weekly farmers market, and the town’s yearly Oktoberfest and Clamfest.

Thank you to everyone at the Lusty Lobster, Laura’s Pancake House, the Water Witch, Francesco’s Pizza, The Inlet, my parents, and every individual in Highlands who made this possible.


Nathan and Casey met in 2011 and quickly became best friends, working together for several years as lead cooks in the kitchen of a local summer camp. The initial idea of getting into the farmers market went back to 2014, but plans fell off as Casey was hired at the shipyard and Nathan began his undergraduate.



Five busy years later, work schedules finally lined up with an open summer and “Casey’s Cookies” was officially formed to vend at the 2019 Port Orchard Farmers Market. We sold over 1000 cookies at the Bremerton Bridge Blast, participated in the Tacoma Night Market and were pleased to have our cookies offered at Ashley’s Pub and Local Boys Tavern in downtown Bremerton.      


2020 has been an interesting year for everyone, but Casey's Cookies was fortunate to be categorized as an "essential business" during the initial quarantine. As farmers markets slowly opened back up, we adapted the cookie van from from gear hauler to mini food truck. We began offering local deliveries, hired our first employee, and established our first business relationships.