How the cookie crumbles;


This year, Casey's Cookies is at farmers markets 3 days a week in various Kitsap cities. Check out our calendar to see where you can drop in!

Kitsap Delivery

Can't make it to the market? We deliver boxed or individually wrapped cookies straight to your home or work 3 days a week. Cookies guaranteed to be baked within 6 hours of delivery.

Oatmeal Bourbon?

Try our delicious Oatmeal Bourbon Butterscotch cookies! (Disclaimer: the bourbon is for flavoring only and will not actually get you toasty, if you know what we mean.)

And while we are here, no, these are not "special" cookies.

Talk cookie to me?

Check out some happily-ever-after cookie stories below from our customers!

Awesome Cookies. Every flavor I have tried has been amazing. A must have anywhere they are.

Ben D.

Casey’s cookies are absolutely delicious. These two “Cookie Monsters” have really perfected their craft. My favorite so far is the Oatmeal Butterscotch. For those with other needs, the Vegan Chocolate Chip is equally delicious. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Krista W.

Dang good cookie! Almost made it home with one... almost!

Dan J.